Our passion unites us to
overcome challenges

Map Group is comprised of like-minded individuals who are passionate about smart urban development
and believe strongly in the game-changing power of sustainable home ownership for contributing members of the community.

In-house development and management

Map Group is uniquely poised to develop missing middle housing projects by embracing and incorporating vertical integration from end-to-end of a development project. Unlike many traditional development groups, all phases of a project’s development and management are handled in-house.

A well-tuned development machine

This streamlined approach to project management means that we operate very much like an assembly line of urban planning and development. And like any predictable process, we all know what needs to be done next. Our goal is to make a significant contribution to the supply of diverse housing in Southern Ontario.

A specialized vision of housing diversity

Our team is comprised of highly experienced veterans of the property development industry; each member specialized in a key aspect of the development process. We are developers, planners, designers, engineers, and project managers who seek to visualize and build diverse housing units that help people purchase homes they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

We know missing middle housing

What our partners want to know – and see – is that we’ve done this before – and our proven track record of involvement in missing middle housing projects should speak for itself. We didn’t create the missing middle revolution, but we’ve become experts in transforming underutilized land into living spaces that people can be proud to call home.

Everyone working from the same page, by design

Our start-to-finish style also translates to minimized risk. Because we’re in constant communication, no team is left in the dark. We’re all consciously aware of what’s happening in other phases of a project. When everybody is on the same page, projects run smoothly, deadlines are met or beaten, and ultimately, the project costs less to build – meaning greater affordability for homebuyers and return on investment for our partners.

An industry reinventing itself requires an agile mindset

By keeping all aspects of a project within the group, we maintain an internal connection that allows our team to adapt faster than traditional developers. We’re all intensely focused and working toward a common goal – the creation of diverse housing – yet missing middle housing development requires exceptional flexibility. We borrow heavily from agile project management methods. If something doesn’t go as expected, we’re quick enough on our feet to find a workaround. Sometimes those solutions come from looking at what other industries have done.

We started by getting our hands dirty

Our hands-on approach starts with sourcing and originating our details, structuring the financing, and finding the site. We put the human element back into housing construction. We roll up our sleeves and maintain an active presence through all phases of planning and construction. As each one of us is a passionate advocate for affordable and sustainable housing, we’re personally invested in every project we undertake. We’re there long before groundbreaking and we’ll be the ones who hand you the keys to your new home.

As kids, we played with the rocks we're now moving around

 A huge part of a successful missing middle housing project is engagement with the community where the property will be built. We are all members of the community that our properties will serve. Our team is based on strong connections to the Southern Ontario real estate sector stemming from our family histories. Many of us literally grew up in the housing construction industry, and all of us have extensive resumes in that highlight our expertise in property development and management.
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