Building the Missing Middle Creates Diverse Housing for People of All Walks of Life

The current market has priced out many starting families from traditional single-family housing. In addition, those looking to
downsize can’t find suitable housing within their established communities.

We found what’s missing in 
the housing market

Large-scale developers have concentrated on the two extremes of the housing spectrum: high-rise towers and
single-family home subdivisions, creating a void in the housing supply. Skyrocketing prices for these singular properties have kept a huge number of potential buyers out of the market.

Not too big, not too small finding the right fit

The “missing middle” of residential development is a range of multi-unit or clustered housing, bigger than single homes, but smaller than high-rise buildings.

Our focus is on the
needs of the community

The Map Group is specialized in sourcing, developing, and building missing middle housing to create a more diverse housing supply in growing communities that suffer from a lack of affordable options. While the majority of developers concentrate on economies of scale, we look to level the playing field.

Missing middle housing empowers people to find stability

We focus on stacked townhomes, townhomes, and low to mid-rise buildings that give people a chance to start, grow, or downsize their families.

A home is more than a roof over your head

The missing middle housing sector is not geared toward transient young professionals or high-density investors. We strive to create a feasible path to home ownership for residents who want to establish roots, and thus, promote the long-term health of our communities.

We recognize the problem 

Affordable housing in Southern Ontario is in crisis, plain and simple. Growing communities have outpaced land use to an unsustainable degree. Diversity in the housing market is slowly but surely becoming non-existent.

Nurturing community growth without disruption

Simpler and more cost-effective to build, middle ground housing units create a supply of housing options for homebuyers priced out of the traditional market. This form of gentle density promotes healthy community development without the disruption of large-scale development.

A new path to home ownership

Our mission is to make home ownership an attainable reality for people who want to stay within their established communities while escaping the vicious circle of long-term rentals.

End-to-end development and construction

What sets the Map Group apart from other developers is vertical integration. All phases of development are handled in-house. Our end-to-end process facilitates a streamlined approach to development designed to produce results sooner than later.

A focused approach wins the race

We have the expertise and a proven track to see a project from its original vision to its final form. We are not going to solve all the problems of the industry, but we are exceedingly refined in our approach. We understand the risks involved, but we accept and acknowledge that these considered risks have a rewarding payoff.

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