Andrej Kalesoski
Founding Partner

A tech-savvy communicator, planner, and advisor who advocates for future-forward thinking property development through digital media outreach and strategic operations

Andrej’s role in the Map Group is focused on the strategic implementation of technical and digital technologies that optimize project operations. His experience in communications is vital to the understanding of sustainable practices that lead to favorable outcomes for all parties involved. His outlook as advocate for sustainable and equitable property development is at the forefront of the Map Group ethos, and the driving force of our operations. It’s Andrej who understands and articulates the focus of community engagement.

Andrej got his passion for real estate growing up in a multi-generational construction family in Toronto and Europe. His talent for communications opened the door to his start as Principal of Drei Enterprises, where he specialized in project management, digital media, e-commerce, and online gaming. As a member of the Law Society of Ontario, his strategic vision includes a strong emphasis on ethical methodologies within the scope of providing affordable housing for marginalized members of the community.

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