Konstantine Simionopolous
Founding Partner

A deeply experienced construction engineer and project manager with a passion for the safe and streamlined development of sustainable properties in local communities

Konstantine’s mission is the oversight and implementation of the physical and logistical aspects of construction management. He leads the Map Group design team with a specific focus on cost-effective and ethically efficient building methods that minimize risks during all phases of construction. His expertise in feasibility will inform the overall direction of a project while steering the project toward the intended goal of completion. Konstantine is the main motivator, innovator, and problem-solver on the project site.

Konstantine’s rich history as a construction project manager and professional engineer gives him the skill and wisdom to guide projects to completion. As Construction Manager of Engine Developments (as Symel Group), he managed the construction of townhouses, condominiums and mixed-use developments for a variety of boutique developers. Prior to that, Konstantine acquired a wealth of experience working for Freed Developments, Daniels Corporation, Rockport Group, and 59 Project Management

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